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Rent a Cottage For Your Well-being

Have you ever heard of the term “forest bathing?” If this is new to you, you’ll want to read on! If you’re already familiar, let this serve as a reminder to book your time in with nature – and Cottage Care Rentals can help with that!

Forest tree top view

“Forest bathing,” or shinrin-yoko, is the Japanese term for spending time among trees, recognizing the importance of immersing oneself in woods as a therapeutic practice. The health benefits of forest bathing are numerous: reducing our mental and physical stress, boosting our immune system, lowering our blood pressure, and improving our memory and sleep. But we don’t need reports to tell us that our time spent in nature benefits us… This feeling is inherent – it’s natural! – and it’s also something we should reconnect with often.

What forests do for us transcends calculation – Craig Welch

Just like our phones, forests send us messages.

Messages of hope, inspiration, and resilience. Lighting up our senses, grounding our feet, time in nature presents the opportunity to slow down, reflect, and – in a calm and gentle way – forests can give us perspective on what really matters in our otherwise busy lives. Our children need to hear these messages too! The forest holds no judgement, but rather, reveals teachings of belonging; all are welcome in woods.

So, the message is clear: the benefits of Shinrin-yoko can last throughout the year and enrich the precious time we share with our friends and family.

Don’t lose your connection. Book in your time with nature at one of these awesome, densely forested, lakefront cottages:

Tedious Lake Towering Trees

Tree top views, deep clean lake, gorgeous interior design and high-end amenities, this cottage has it all. Oh, and the dining deck off the kitchen = the perfect "forest bathing" location.

Kennisis Lake Evergreen Terrace

Like staying at your very own luxury tree fort. You get the best of both worlds here; deep clean swimming off the dock and - back up at the cottage - privacy abound thanks to the dense evergreen forest. Minutes from the ever-popular Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve to stretch your legs on a forest trail.

Boyne Lake Beaver Bay

This modestly priced 6 person cottage provides a clean and cared-for accommodation, situated on a spring fed lake, completely surrounded by natural splendor. Here, song birds are your alarm clock, beavers are your neighbours, and the loons are your dockside guests. A child's natural curiosity can run wild here. And, don't worry, the screened-in porch will keep you in nature, but away from the mosquitos!

Inspired to do good by our mutually enjoyed forests and lakes? Keep our wild spaces pristine and protected with these tips for sustainable living at your cottage rental.

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