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The Seasons

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Without Rhyme nor Reason, An Ode to the Season’s

How blessed are we

To live in a land

Where we have four seasons’

Each different and grand

At present it’s Autumn

But we call it fall

A time when Nature is having a Ball

Mother Nature the Artist

Takes Paint Brush in Hand

And colours the Landscape

With Reds, Browns and Gold

Oh, what a picture our eyes do behold

And then comes Winter

When the land is asleep

With a blanket of snow

Many centimetres deep

And the Pine, the Spruce and the Balsam Fir too

Get a fringe of white snow

Which enhances the view

And tho it is winter, when everything’s calm

Slowly but surely spring comes to the land

Green shoots they appear on the trees and the shrubs

The fields turn green and the birds start to nest

Life starts again, after a long winters rest

And then it is summer that glorious time

When crops are growing

And the weather is fine

From June to September

It’s Lazy Day Time

My Ode to the Season’s if finished at last.

Robert Anderson

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