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When It's Chilly, Make Some Chilli

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Campfire Chilli at #HaliburtonCottages with #teamCCR

Yesterday might have been chilly in Haliburton, Ontario (a balmy -22°c) but the sun was calling on that bluebird day and it said "come out and enjoy!" Who are we to ignore an opportunity for play at the cottage?

This easy Campfire Chilli recipe is one that can be put together with help from the whole family… over a campfire!

Cottage time is family time and we know moments of inspiration at mealtime can be the perfect opportunity to share your love and spend quality time with your favourite people.

We went meatless here to make it dead simple to put together and get it bubbling over the fire in less time, with less preparation.

We used ingredients such as:

1 can diced tomatoes

1 can brown beans in tomato sauce (brown beans with maple syrup is also lovely, for depth of flavour)

1 can red kidney beans

1 can chickpeas

Sun dried tomatoes (for added “meaty-ness” and/or add a meat substitute like Veggie Ground Round, which doesn’t require any pre-heating)

You can also add items like 1 can of tomato soup for more of a broth consistency (great for dipping bread!)

Options for spice blends:


Red chilli flakes


Smoked paprika

Chilli powder

A couple cranks of salt and pepper

Chilli Ingredients #Buycloseby
Throw it all in the pot and stir! #Buycloseby

We added our spices to taste. Roughly a tablespoon of each, two tablespoons for the chilli powder and smoked paprika, as these were the flavours we wanted to showcase. This is confidence cooking at its simplest. Omit the red chilli flakes if you are partial to too much heat. Have your fun and experiment here. ☺


Throw all of your canned ingredients and all of your spices in a cast iron pot, like our Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven or another fire-safe pot, like this one at Canadian Tire.

Stir, heat for ~20 minutes or until bubbling, and serve!

Chilli on a Chilly Day #HaliburtonCottages
Stir, heat, and serve!

All of our canned goods were purchased at the local grocery stores in Haliburton and spices purchased at the Haliburton Bulk Food Store. Owners Kelly and Jeff encourage you to bring your own jars! They also sell glass jars in-store to promote less single-use plastic purchases for the sake of our lakes and wild spaces! 🌲

Pottery bowls compliments of Homestead Pottery and Earth & Fire Pottery, wooden teaspoon from the Haliburton Forest Wood Shop.

Have your fireside cookout this winter at one of our every-season cottage rentals.

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