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5 Reasons to Book With a Local Cottage Rental Agency in Haliburton, Ontario

Updated: Mar 4

Your cottage rental experts in Haliburton, Ontario

You are thinking about booking your next getaway or family vacation but where to begin? The “where” is easy - Cottage Country in Haliburton, Ontario! But how to go about it?

The following information will help take the guesswork out of booking your next lakefront cottage vacation.

You’ve worked hard for your money. We know you only get so much vacation time, and you want to make the most of it and get the best value. A local cottage rental agency, like Cottage Care Rentals, can provide the peace of mind that your family deserves and here’s how:

1. The owners and staff of a local cottage rental agency are generally based in the area that they serve. They live, work, and play in Cottage Country!

Why that’s great for you:

We can provide you with a wealth of knowledge not otherwise available. For example, wondering where to go to dinner, when is the Farmer’s Market, or what is happening in or around town while you are at the cottage? We can help, and further recommend, depending on your desires!

2. Personal service - 24/7 availability while guests are at the cottage.

Why that’s great for you:

Renting with a local agency allows you the comfort of knowing that when you get to the cottage, it is going to be what you were expecting. In the event that it is not or something unexpected happens while at the cottage, knowledge that there is a live person to talk to and have the situation resolved.

3. Local agencies who offer Property Management services, such as Cottage Care Rentals, have contact with many of the local trades companies and maintenance people. Further, local agency teams are generally within a 1 hour or less drive time to any cottage.

Why that’s great for you:

In the event that something unexpected happens, you have a team standing by. We can respond quickly to any issues that might occur and you can get back to what matters.

4. The owners and staff of a local cottage rental agency have been to the cottages many times. We take all of the photographs shown online and we know the properties well.

Why that’s great for you:

Knowledge that the cottage is exactly as it appears online. A local cottage rental agency will have information that would not normally be available with other methods of rental bookings. Things like: depth of water, fishing expectations, and path to the water can all be answered accurately. Questions like: is it safe for young children, is the property wheelchair friendly, how close are the neighbours and where is the nearest boat launch? We’ve got the answers.

5. TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario) registered – piece of mind for the guests.

Why that’s great for you:

This is about your protection as the consumer. When booking with a TICO registered agency, you are protected by the Travel Industry Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 26/05 (Regulation). As such, TICO registered agencies must adhere to the Province’s very strict consumer protection laws and comply with specific disclosure agreements.

Bonus feel-good information!

Local Haliburton cottage rental agencies:

✔ Have great business relationships with the cottage Owners. We make sure to match Guest and Owner requirements respectfully so that all are happy.

✔ Support local businesses and employ local people. The money spent at a local cottage rental agency stays within the local economy.

✔ They care – a lot – about the experiences of both the Guests and the Owners. We are passionate about what we do and happily spend extra time and effort on making Guest experiences at their Haliburton cottage as great as possible.

*If Cottage Care Rentals doesn’t have what you are looking for, there are other trusted local agencies that can be of service! Give us a call, we can help you with that too: 705-457-3306

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