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3 Amazing Cottages Near Toronto for You to Enjoy in All Seasons (translation) By GabyNoCanada

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Haliburton country road
Country roads, take me... to the cottage!

When someone [asks] what activities or experiences [they] must have when [they] come to Canada, one of the things that comes to mind is: rent a cottage and spend a few days in the interior of Canada, exploring nature and enjoying one of the four seasons of the year, which are well defined here. For those who do not know, a cottage is a country house, which is on the edge of a lake. And based on the more than 250,000 lakes in Ontario (that's right: 250,000!) you can imagine the enormous amount of cottages that exist here.

But here comes the question: how to do it? How can you rent a cottage? Which company or how to start your search? Still, other questions usually come to your mind: which season to go, which region to visit and for how many days? And with this post I will try to answer your questions and indicate a company that rents incredible cottages and has a personalized service, ideal for those looking for a quiet family outing.

The company Cottage Rentals Care is Canadian and rents amazing cottages in the regions of Haliburton, Algonquin and Kawartha's, in the province of Ontario. There is a difference in the work of Cottage Care Rentals that won me over: the company does an initial screening of you and your family and selects the cottage that most closely matches the objectives of your tour. There is an interview and you talk a little about your family, the purpose of the tour and what you are looking for on the spot. And I know that because in February we will be going to a Cottage Care Rentals cottage and I know that the experience will be incredible because of all the fantastic experiences that I am having with them. It is worth mentioning that their website is incredible and that all properties have photos, videos and very specific details for each room and also the region.

I think if you are looking to rent a cottage you should keep in mind that it is a family experience, peaceful and in tune with nature. Cottage Rentals Care cares about it and makes a detailed analysis of those looking to rent their cottages, to make sure that the goal of these people is consistent with the rules of the site and the company's goals.

I have always kept in mind that cottages work only in the summer and I was impressed by the fact that there are several cottages that are open all year round, that is, you can spend a few winter days on site and have a complete Canadian experience. And it is worth mentioning that in the winter you do not need to rent the whole week (ie. you can rent fewer days) and the prices are much cheaper (it is considered low season). And that is exactly what we are going to do next month - and obviously I will tell you everything here. As I found this fantastic experience I decided to write this post and leave here the tip of 5 incredible cottages from the company Cottage Care Rentals that work all year and can be rented by you, for an unforgettable weekend. *The last cottage on this list is what we will be visiting.

This second cottage is located on Pencil Lake, which is about 2 hours and 20 minutes from Toronto. The place has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and can accommodate up to 6 people. This cottage is beautiful, super modern and one that made my heart beat faster. The huge windows in the living room face the lake and are certainly the highlight of the building. In the courtyard there is an outdoor fire pit with muskoka chairs for you to sit and warm up. I found the cottage to be extremely tasteful and beautiful, perfect for a special weekend in any season. Ah, it is worth mentioning that all the cottages listed here have a barbecue and fireplace, including this one.

This other cottage that I am showing you is located on Horseshoe Lake, which is about 2 hours from Toronto. The place has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and can accommodate up to 6 people [external sleeping bunkie can sleep 4 additional people in the summer]. The photo above does not live up to the immensity of the place: the property of the cottage has 60 acres and 60 meters of [shoreline], that is, you are literally staying in a “mini forest”. Another thing that caught my attention in this cottage was the balconies - which have very Canadian comfortable chairs and are literally in the middle of the trees - and the availability of water toys, including canoe, SUP and kayak. The bridges leading from the [cottage] to the lake are also beautiful and it gives me the impression that you are in a garden.

Finally, [this] is the cottage we rented and we will be staying for 4 days in February. It is located on 12 Mile Lake, [called Ross Point, apart of the executive RossPoint.Club points program], and is 2 ½ hours from Toronto. The [cottage] has 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and can accommodate up to 10 people. I just fell in love when I saw this cottage, because it encompasses everything that my family and I sought for an experience like this: lots of space, beautiful construction, plenty of structure (two rooms, two fireplaces, games room), a campfire and great location. There are 3 floors for us to enjoy a few days in the company of special friends and our boys. I'm sure we will have an incredible experience and I will share everything with you on social networks and here on the blog.

I hope you liked [these] tips and do not forget to follow Cottage Care Rentals on social networks (Instagram , Facebook and Twitter) to see more properties and to know all the news of this company. And do not forget to access their site - this here - and their blog - this here. The site has a search tool where you can see values ​​and do a search for cottages based on characteristics and availability. And their blog is great, with several tips and information valid for us Brazilians, who don't know anything about [cottaging]. Here is the tip and wait for February for more information and many photos and beautiful moments.

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