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What's the "Off-Season" and Why You Should Care

Updated: Mar 4

4 convincing reasons to love the off-season in the Haliburton Highlands, Ontario

Late fall trail in the woods

The definition of the off-season can vary slightly but generally speaking, for an area like the Haliburton Highlands, it’s any time outside mid-June to mid-September. Traditionally, families in Ontario take their precious vacation time in July and August (typically described as “peak-season”) and head to the cottage with the kids once they’re out of school. July and August are times when the Haliburton Highlands sees triple the amount of traffic to the area – it’s wonderful! Many of our businesses rely on this seasonal in-flux to carry them through the long and quiet fall and winter seasons.

Undeniably, July and August are times when you want to be in the lake enjoying the long hours of sunlight and the warmth that accompanies it.

Sure, from there the days get shorter and the lakes get colder, but the off-season comes with it’s own special gifts... We’d like to share with you some insights on why renting a lakefront cottage in the off-season could be the time away you didn’t know you needed. Here are a few "nuggets of inspiration," if you will:

1. Reduced rates

You can take advantage of lower nightly/weekly rates on all of our available off-season cottage offerings. It’s the perfect time to travel to our beautiful neck of the woods on a budget.

2. Flexible nightly minimum stays

You may not be able to (or want to) take a full week’s vacation to go from one snow covered road to another. But, how romantic is the thought of a weekend away to a cozy cottage surrounded by snow covered trees, on a snow covered lake?

Primarily, our cottages rent by the week in the peak-season. However, in the off-season, the nightly minimums drop to 3 nights, even 2 nights on select cottages (like Pencil Lake Cavendish Cove seen below), allowing you to escape to cottage country for the weekend.

3. Hot tub availability

Hot tub (and sauna) availability is more widespread in the off-season so you can make the most of a frigid fall or winter day. We have select cottages with a hot tub available on-site and included in the price of the rental - score!

Have your heart set on a cottage but it doesn't have a hot tub? Don't fret, for some of our off-season cottages we can work with our local soft tub supplier and arrange a hot tub rental, just for your stay!

4. Quiet

Ask any local Haliburton resident what they most look forward to when the excitement of the peak-season comes to a close, and they’ll likely say: the quiet.

The lakes, the roads, the trails, and the shops are all quieter; it’s a time to tuck in and draw near. When you book an off-season getaway in Haliburton you are awarded the rare opportunity to escape the noise. Your ears may need to adjust, but once they do, the stillness you can experience is pure magic.

Sunset on a winter lake

It’s time for you to take advantage of the Haliburton Highlands, year round! Booking a cottage rental with Cottage Care Rentals is easy. Tell us how you envision your off-season getaway to look like and we'll find you the perfect cottage accommodation to suit your needs.

> Visit or call us at 705-457-3306!

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