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Finding Your Sunset

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

4 beautiful lakefront cottages with epic sunset views in cottage country, Ontario

Sunset over the dock

When I think about my childhood, I can recall clips of memories. Some stick out brighter than others, and for good reason.

My “happy place” as a young girl was at my family cottage on Little Redstone Lake. I was fortunate to spend the entire summer with my Grandparents and younger sibling by the lake; quite literally in the lake for as long as I could get away with.

I can remember our evening ritual. With a full stomach and something hot to drink, we would all partake in the last outdoor activity of the day: watching the sunset. I would throw on one of my Grandparent’s old “cottage” sweatshirts with that quintessential cottage smell in a feeble attempt to keep the mosquitoes at bay. We’d march down to the dock together, set up our chairs and sit… wait… watch… The sunsets that fell upon our eyes weren’t always a bright burning red. Sometimes the clouds would be too thick, and we’d only catch a quick glimpse. Whatever the glow – or lack thereof – we were brought together in a moment of stillness.

Sunset panorama
Circa 2016, we still enjoy a peaceful sunset moment together

I want you to have these moments of stillness. I want you to bring your family close and create these lasting memories together. Our fast-paced lives make us feel like we no longer have time for certain things. So, we could all do with a reminder to press pause on the “to do’s” and let the hustle of the day wash over us. Peaceful and grounding, the setting sun sends a clear message: relax and take rest, the responsibilities of the day have drawn to a close.

I want you to find your sunset. Here are a few perfect lakefront cottages for doing just that:

Windsor Lodge - sitting on the same eastern shoreline as my family cottage - will give you some of the best sunset moments of your life, trust me! Add a beautiful sand beach, charming and comfortable cottage interior, and modern conveniences such as wifi and laundry and you've got the perfect venue for creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

You don't have to settle for exclusively sunset views at The Treehouse; you don't have to settle for anything at The Treehouse because this cottage has it all! Southern exposure brings you sunrises to your left, full sun on the dock all day, and sunsets to your right. Enjoy unlimited wifi, dishwasher, laundry, screened room, and bring your fur babies too as The Treehouse is pet friendly. Bonus: catch the sunset's glow from the brand-new lakeside sauna!

The name says it all. Sunset Point is a really exceptional cottage in many ways... namely, it was thoughtfully designed to be completely wheelchair accessible inside the cottage, into the 10-person hot tub, and at the waterfront. Sitting on 64 acres looking across to Wolf Island Provincial Park, Sunset Point is quite a special place to bring your family together for a worry-free vacation.

A well-tended cottage on a grassy flat lot with shallow entry in Lower Buckhorn Lake, you come here to relax and enjoy a slower pace of life. With a great bunkhouse and outdoor play-set for the kids, Rainbow Bay is a wonderful spot for small families.

Allow the benefits of time spent in nature to draw you in in others ways with inspiration found here.

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