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Ice Fishing in Haliburton: The underestimated enjoyment of this Ontario Winter activity

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Little boy ice fishing
Little one ice fishing #myhaliburtonhighlands

Tested and true is the fact that taking pleasure in the seasons, no matter what the season brings, leads to year-round joy. Luckily, year-round adventures are plentiful in Haliburton cottage country.

Ice fishing may not be at the top of everyones “must do’s” this winter. We’d like to challenge you to take a fresh look at this winter activity and give you another reason to gear up and get outside!

Accessible for all souls and soles

As far as winter adventures go, ice fishing demands very little except some patience and a desire to spend time with friends and family. May we say, what a great opportunity to have a sociable, relaxing outdoor adventure that results in an ultra-local meal, if your luck holds!

Weather conditions are never a deal breaker with ice fishing, snow or shine, you can make the most of your days. Put on your snow pants and fill up your thermos. Get a fishing licence. Find some ice that’s at least 4 inches thick and pull some fish through it.

Best yet - you don’t have to limit yourselves to one Haliburton cottage vacation a year when you can stay at one of our every-season cottages, like this one on the beautiful Kennisis Lake! 5 minutes from the fabulous Haliburton Forest… the perfect inspiration for an annual WINTER vacation!

Two for one adventure

On those perfect days, you can turn an outing on the frozen lake into both an ice fishing adventure and a day on the rink. It can’t hurt to bring your skates along. This proves very handy if you and the little ones need a warm-up activity to get the blood flowing!

Fishing for Gold

Our native lake trout, known as “Haliburton Gold” is found in only a handful of lakes in Haliburton County. They have been designated as a heritage species. Ice fishing, in particular, offers the angler the opportunity to fish for the unique “Haliburton Gold” Lake Trout as well as for Brook (Speckled) Trout and Lake Trout which are usually more active through the cooler months.

Gear up

Grab a hook, line and sinker (weight), pick up a manual auger (easier on the budget) and some bait at a local bait shop. Stay with us here - a rod is optional! If you can locate a stick with some spring you are in great standing (see photo below). Bring your campfire chairs to keep your caboose cozy and cleats for your winter boots to give you extra grip on the ice.

Ice fishing with a stick on Beech Lake
No rod, no problem on #BeechLake in #myhaliburtonhighlands

Ice skimmer, bells or tip-ups, sled with cover, pop-up ice shelter and depth finder are a few items you can purchase once you have decided to get more involved. All items can be purchased at our local Home Hardware stores.

The challenge is on! Turn this adventure into a rich tradition that your family can enjoy in Haliburton’s winter wonderland time and again. Share your ice fishing adventure photos with us on Instagram!

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